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A tangible baseline

Templates are already functionally perfect, built with pages and pages of stunning, customizable sections. After choosing from a catalogue of templates, we can easily edit, refine, and make changes.

benefits of Starting with a Template vs. Custom Design

acCelerated timeline

Because we're tailoring a template rather than starting from scratch, the timeframe can be cut down significantly. While custom sites with my studio typically take between 4-6+ weeks, a template customization can happen in as little as one day. 

Proven framework 

These templates below are my favorite in the industry because their strategy is second to none — they're designed with a proven sales strategy and built to convert. 

A template customization might be right for you if:

You're a visual person who knows what you love most when you see it.

You want an elevated, customizable site that you can control and edit yourself in the future.

You like having the framework of a template, but want it to feel tailored specifically to your brand.

You like the idea of starting from a template, but want someone to customize it for you.

You have a somewhat simple site in mind, not 15+ pages or e-commerce needs.

You want a premium, stunning website design at a fraction of the cost.

website in a day clients can choose from the following templates as their base at no extra cost

All of these templates can be purchased and customized yourself of course. However, if you would like our help with the customization process as well as a few extras, our Website in a Day package would be perfect for you! Plus, how can you beat getting a fully customized website live in a single day?!

we've also partnered with some designer friends to offer an array of amazing showit templates at a discounted rate

Tonic Site Shop offers beautiful Showit templates for creatives of every style. All sites are expertly made with core web pages, Wordpress blog pages, strategic SEO optimization, platform integrations, conversion tactics, and incredible design. They also offer a la carte page options, social templates and more. 

Make sure to use our promo code for special rates on all of their offerings!

template partner

Price $1,050


Price $995


Price $1,450

lillet blanc

Price $1,250


Price $1,050



Price $1,250


Price $1,250


Price $1,250

french 75

Price $1,250


lita grey

Price $850

Price $850


Price $1,050


Price $1,050

gin & tonic

Price $1,050

clover club

Price $850


Price $1,250

paper plane


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after customization

Visual person? Need to see the full makeover? No problem. Here's a sampling of a few of our favorite template customizations.




Brand Consultation

We'll meet to discuss your vision for your online presence — who you want to attract, what you value, how you want your website to feel, and ensure that a template customization is a great fit for your brand / what custom elements, if any, would be required to end up with a finished product that makes you excited to show up online.

Select A Template

We'll work together to choose the template that most closely represents the website your brand's been dreaming about. Can't decide? No problem. We've curated a selection of our favorites, and have experience knowing how to customize any design to fit your style. 

Customize + Tailor

After our kickoff call, you'll provide us with images, content and anything else we'll need for success on our design day. Once all your deliverables are in hand and your brand board is approved, we will schedule your launch day! In just one day we'll transform your template into something much, much more — a powerful, stunning tool for your brand and business.

Launch in one day!

One of the great things about starting with a template? The entire process is expedited. Our template customization projects take just one day to complete! Launch the site you can't wait to show off and get back to doing what you love most.

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we know templates can be easy to buy but many just end up sitting for months, if not years

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